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Global Asset Management & Consultancy Ltd. (GAMC), is subordinated to Premier Capital group (PCL), was registered in British Virgin Island. Focus on investing management of international property market. We mainly engaged in private equity investment, funds management, assets management, investment analysis,Management Consulting,Customized service, etc.

GAMC relays on PCL’s global experiences over 27 years, on marketing & planning management of across regions and continents properties, combined with multi-resources, having rich capabilities both project-digging and full range control. Also we are excellent in financial innovation, by offering investors in real estate financial fields, with full range of services and high-quality products, to actualize the combination of industries and finance.

In accordance withTrustworthiness, Professional, Service, as PCL’s vision, GAMC mainly invest in overseas property markets, inland resort real estates, endeavouring to create a professional financial resources sharing platform, to draining the social capital into projects of overseas construction with good quality. Assist to small and medium enterprises, institutional investor, high net worth individuals, individual investor, in which to catch the modern opportunities, getting international real reward return.

GAMC deeply rooted inChinesenative market, occupied the forefront of overseas properties market. Familiar with the law of international capital market development and trends, has direct experiences of the process of enterprises-growth and needs, therefore could make the prospective judgement, and offer good service with innovation realistically. Our expert management team came from banking, investment, management, finance, and law.

GAMC using diversified investment and financing mode, by rigorous risk-control-system, transparent invest process, strictly supervise on finance of third party, large financial guarantee company providing full range risk-safeguard. Rely on rich capital managing experiences, wide social sources and smooth invest-channel of parent company PCL group, GAMC committed to provide value added services, help to create the wealth of our investors, support the enterprises to achieve their developing strategic targets.

Strengths of Premier Capital Fund

a.GAMC is a wholly owned subsidiary of PCL, parent company has over 27 years successful managing experiences in transnational investment.

b.Being certified by the authoritative banking and financing institution, GAMC owned real assets guarantee for annual return of netexpenses.

c. Overall contract of law indentify the interest and fund of each investors, must be safe, fair, judicial, and public.

d. The legal and effective risk-control-system: professional legal-adviser-team operates overseas investment and manage fund safe, by sanerisk evaluation and prevention, obey the local law, rules and regulations.

e. Successful experiences: for years overseas properties developing, achieve the sales market as authorized agent about hundreds cases. Ensure annual return net expenses in time, getting profits before due time, goal achieve become due. Team with professional precision analysis on the cost performance of individual project. We select the potential up-valued-place and custom made the details of projects. With high growth, high market-return rate, high circulative rate, and high potential safety, to avoid high-risk, big bubble, high debt, bankrupt-type, etc., unhealthy market.

g. Quick actions and strategies offensively and defensively: We captured changes on high foreign currency, and global low rate. After the financing crises storm of developed countries, economy heated up, price of assets rise up, to prevent national asset bubble break off, debts of regional and enterprises, industrial backfall, capital relocation overseas, investment trap, currency internal devaluation, etc. Grasp the opportunities of a hundred year. Invest your funds in time, gain the benefits from the big wave of overseas property market.

h.Efficient operation management system: authority and team with successful experiences. From set up to expiration, we make sure high value rise up and return. Low threshold, low risk, low expenses: each needs $50 thousand dollars, you will have professional team to assist to manage investment rights, interest and return. Trading process is simple, excellent decision committee of investment, multinational operation.

k. Our group has enormous potentiality, unique global project sales network, annual return guarantee and promising projects. So just investing without any worry.

Fund stucture

Name                              Premier Capital Sunshine Fund   USA-A (limited partnership)    

Category                         1. Close-end                                        2. Open-end

Quantity                          Limited partnership Close-end Fund       Limited partnership Open-end Fund

Scale                               $4million                                            $5million

Minimum Price                 $50,000/unit                                       $50,000/unit

Duration                          Two Years(12 months)                         Long Term

General Partner                Asset Management & Consultancy Ltd, registered in British Virgin Island, accounted for  

                                       partnership share of 10%

Limited Partner                 No more than 49 people, accounted for partnership share of 90%

Investment Objects           Our fund invests new real estate projects or redevelopment real estate projects, and high quality real                                          estate projects in the following areas: Huston, Texas; Orlando, Florida; California; Georgia.          

Investment Threshold       $50,000/unit, progressive increase by $50,000 integer times

Funder Introduction

Premier Capital Group Introduction

Premier Capital Group, established in 1988, is one of the most reputable international real estate consulting and investment companies, and the first branded international real estate consulting firm entering into mainland china.

With our dedication and commitment in the market, today our foot prints cover Hong Kong, Australia, America, New Zealand, Singapore, and Mainland China. In 1997, Premier Capital Group entered into the mainland China market and has since established 10 offices strategically located in the major cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Dalian, Hangzhou, Shenyang, Xiamen and Zhengzhou. 

Premier Capital Group has a management team of real estate marketing and management professionals, covering finance, real estate investment, business investment, and law field. We have a long term partnership with international banks and financial institutions, well-known law firms, accounting service companies, and top ranking property management companies. We have a close relationship with local immigration and international education consulting companies, which provide China investors the most comprehensive one-stop solution services for both self-used and investment purposes. As a forerunner in global real estate investment, we provide the largest platform of overseas property investment in China.

Premier Capital Group follows the development direction of specialization, internationalization, brand, and scale, and devoted to providing disgusted VIP service of overseas properties, investment, immigration, and studying abroad for Chinese high-level customers. Our group has been the leading agency of overseas properties for Chinese and established the largest platform of overseas properties in China.

Strengths of Premier Capital Group

Basics of Fund Projects

Name Premier Capital Sunshine Fund   USA-A (limited partnership)    

Category                       1. Close-end                                     2. Open-end

Quantity                        Limited partnership Close-end Fund    Limited partnership Open-end Fund

Scale                             $4million                                         $5million

Minimum Price                $50,000/unit                                   $50,000/unit

Duration                         Two Years(12 months)                     Long Term

General Partner               Asset Management & Consultancy Ltd, registered in British Virgin Island, accounted for partnership      

                                     share of 10%

Limited Partner                No more than 49 people, accounted for partnership share of 90%

Investment Target           Our fund invests new real estate projects or redevelopment real estate projects, and high quality real  estate projects in the following areas: Huston, Texas; Orlando, Florida; California; Georgia.

Investment Threshold      $50,000/unit, progressive increase by $50,000 integer times


There are areas with great potentiality to further development, high rental yield, completely supporting facilities, good employment and school environment, easy transportation, comfortable living environment and low tax rate; it also could be new house or high quality projects with optimized property right. More details will be announced separately.