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Premier Capital Group    


Premier Capital Group, established in 1988 with capital from Hong Kong and U.S.A, is one of the most reputable international real estate consulting and investment companies in Asia, and the first branded international real estate consulting firm entering into mainland china. With our dedication and commitment in the market, today our foot prints cover Hong Kong、New Zealand、Australia、Singapore、Canada、America and Mainland China.



In 1997, Premier Capital Group entered into the mainland China market and has since established 10 offices strategically located in the major cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Dalian, Hangzhou, Shenyang, Xiamen, and Zhengzhou. Apart from being the first international property agency in Mainland China, it has won recognition by receiving different awards such as the annual “Overseas Branding Organization Golden Bridge Award” and “the most Valuable Brand-International Property Award” 2010.Our professional service is further recognized in 2013 and awarded Premier Capital Group “The Best Overseas Property Consulting Company” by the China Daily.

Premier Capital Group has a management team of real estate marketing and management professionals. We have a long term partnership with international banks and financial institutions, well-known law firms, accounting service companies, and top ranking property management companies. We have a close relationship with local immigration and international education consulting companies, which provide China investors the most comprehensive one-stop solution services for both self-used and investment purposes. As a forerunner in global real estate investment, we provide the largest platform of overseas property investment in China.

Premier Capital Group has followed paths of specialization, internationalization, growth and brand and is devoted to providing a prestigious VIP service of overseas properties, investment, immigration, and study abroad for Chinese high net worth customers. The Group has been the leading agent for overseas properties for Chinese and established the largest platform for overseas properties in China.

In 1993, Premier Capital Group became the first company to hold overseas properties exhibition publicly in Chinese mainland. It was a milestone for Chinese real estate’s market, and also laid a foundation of Premier Capital Group exploiting domestic properties market. In 1996, the first domestic branch established in Guangzhou. Because of most overseas properties for free hold and the notion of Global Village, many Chinese were interested in overseas properties.

The year of 1999 was an important point for Premier Capital Group. Our branches were established in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore and New Zealand at that year. It means that the blueprint of Premier Capital Group started formally not only in China but also all around the world. In 2002, our Group purchased six stars Kingspark Service Apartment, and take the concept of “luxury Service Apartment“ into China. New Zealand branch was the  overseas agency of that luxury apartment properties, including the U.S, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. In 2003, Australia provided 163 business immigration. It leaded to the boom of immigration to Australia. Chinese started to know Australian properties, and purchasing Australian properties was the upsurge again at that time. Premier Capital Group was the agency of the largest Australia developers, including Australand, Land Lease, Brookfield, Mirvac, Meriton and so on.

For meeting northern area’s needs, Beijing, Dalian and Shenyang branches were established in 2006, 2011 and 2012. In 2006, Australia branch and Hangzhou branch were established. Chengdu branch was established in 2011. Zhengzhou branch and Xiamen branch was established. Until now, there are 11 branches in Hong Kong and mainland. And there will be 20 branches set in the whole China and become the investment group with most branches to leading the local properties demand in the future 3 years.