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CITIC Jia Lize

  • Property ID:
  • Room:House superimposed high-rise
  • Housing prices: 800,000 - 1,210,000
  • Building area:115000
  • Area:200000000000
  • (about 80ten thousand - 121ten thousand)

CITIC Group invested 50 billion, on top of the plateau north latitude and 24 ° three acres of wetlands to build a world-class health resort destination - CITIC Jia Lize. French high Lize transnational contract, England Circle and other international health organizations to support, a blend of world-class health support, text brigade, holiday resources.

CITIC Jia Lize total area of about 30,000 acres, the current project has been completed and 7,500 acres of a total construction area of 1.15 million square meters, of which housing one million square meters, 160,000 square meters of public buildings. Public buildings including the five-star gorgeous Dajia Lize boutique hotels, office buildings, Commercial Street, International Conference Center, fishing center, equestrian club, sports complex center.

The Environment of the scarcity of the best preserved of the original wetlands of the Lake District
Only a few places of the world, wake up early in the morning can be so beautiful. . . . . .

CITIC Jia Lize is located in Songming Jia Lize wetland, has always been River Ze Park, eight rivers and the original ecological preserved. Hundreds of species of wild flocks of rare birds in this habitat, lakes formed contiguous open water, like a fairyland.

City: Songming
Address: Yang Lin Songming County town of Kunming, CITIC Jia Lize
Decoration: Hardcover
Sales Address: Yang Lin Songming County town of Kunming, CITIC Jia Lize
Property age: 70 years
Payment: Bank mortgage loans, one-time payment
Volume rate: 0.49
Average price: To be determined
Greening rate: 50%
Property company: Kunming Jia Lize Property Management Ltd.
Property fee: 5 yuan / month / square meter
Developer: Kunming Jia Lize Tourism and Culture Co., Ltd.
Building type: Single Family, superimposed, high-rise
Property categories: apartments, villas, villa gardens quality, hardcover MINI villa, apartments, shops
Building Area: 115,000 square meters
Area: 200 billion square meters
CITIC Jia Lize close to China's fourth largest airport - the new Kunming International Airport, with nearly 60 million annual passenger throughput of passengers, routes covering Southeast Asia, South Asia and all major cities in Europe and Asia, just over one hour of flight, you can reach Southeast Asia and major cities. And railways, roads form the core of the new airport aviation, railway, highway interrelated complementary Airports integrated transport network.

Indoor map:

Kunqu speed: Metro Airport and the main road connecting Kunming, about 50 minutes from CITIC Jia Lize horse farm exports.
Kontum speed: 2015 was opened to traffic after the opening of the airport for about 20 minutes, about 40 minutes to downtown.
Long Song Avenue (opening end of 2014): CITIC Jia Lize reach the new airport just 15 minutes to reach the main city in 30 minutes.
Kunming Shanghai high-speed rail: in December 2010 started construction, opened to traffic in 2015. High-speed rail station set up in the bullpen Town, just 3 km from CITIC 嘉丽泽.
Airport light rail line (Line 6): leading to long water International Airport Wujiaba airport, after long water airport, to the northeast extension of the CITIC Jia Lize accessible and connected to the high-speed rail station.
Ann Song Light: on November 18, 2011 started construction, opened to traffic in 2014. After the completion of the main city of Kunming from about 20 minutes to reach the CITIC Jia Lize.
Kunming beltway (Kunming Ring Road): Trans-cross-connect the airport expressway, Kontum high speed connection to become the city of Kunming, the airport river CITIC Jia Lize main road.

It has completed two international standard 18-hole golf course, southwest of the first International Equestrian Club, five-star hotel group, Food Street, wetland, lavender flowers, twelve Island Lake, fishing center, health center, Peking University Laboratory Schools , and other high-end facilities. And has a set of apartments, houses, villas as one of the high-end resort living group.

Located at the intersection of eight river waters, an area of several acres, warm climate throughout the year like spring, Huakaibubai, forest green rate reached 44.6%.

300 acres of lavender flowers
Architects from native transplanting hundreds of acres of flower seeds planted in water flooding, reproducing like flowers beauty of Provence. More acres of plantation owners exclusive for Home recycling a natural museum, enjoy the fun of planting and harvesting.

World Masters Mickelson effort to design golf course
The world's first left-handed rod, the world number two, four Grand Slam titles; 37 PGA Tour titles; he pushed forward the development process in the world of golf, the golf kingdom, he is a legend.

Southwest first Equestrian Club
Yunnan's first leisure and entertainment as one of the senior professional horse riding club. Million square meters aristocratic equestrian clubs, which can accommodate more than 300 horses with stables, weather and more professional instructors with international standard racecourse, world-class club hardware standard indoor hurdles race venues.

Lake twelve island
Planning to build flowers Island, Camellia Island, Swan Island, Yuanyang Island and other 12 major theme leisure park. Southwest China built the only theme amusement park, to meet the full age layer waterfront living the dream, enjoy with style water resort experience, let life every day is a holiday.

Floor Plan
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