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Investment, pension

  • Property ID:
  • Room:Detached villas, semi-detached, townhouses, multi-layer, high-rise, high-rise
  • Housing prices: 912,000 - 1,380,000
  • Building area:10000000
  • Area:10005000
  • (about 91ten thousand - 138ten thousand)

Hainan is the highest content of negative oxygen ions area in China, just like a natural oxygen bar, let the body relax, the heart quiet. Survey shows that the most suitable health temperature is 20 ° C-25 ° C, Hainan annual average temperature is 25 ° C and the winter minimum temperature is above 10 ° C, whicht is the most livable, healthiest, available in winter city around the country, even there are lots of centenarians , called longevity country.

Clearwater Bay is located in the southern tropical bay.
Hainan differences in climate - subtropical in the north, tropical in the south: this difference in climate, dividing Hainan real estate market into large Haikou plate and large Sanya plate. Hainan has a coastline of 1823 km across, and only 329 kilometers Tropical Coast in Sanya. Currently, it is total less than 50 kilometers  to provide the develpment of tourism real estate, tropical coastal resources are very scarce.

Clearwater Bay, is one of "the most beautiful coastline of Hainan," known, equal to the world's scarce resources, the government makes deeply efforts to protect the project, called the Chinese last coast retention country.

12 km beach, walking on the beach like a walk in the snow, the foot will issue a "creak" crisp ringing like "singing voice", but also like a lover whispering. In Clearwater, every grain of sand, is a wonderful note, known as the "singing sands." Currently only 3 beaches have such a strange trait: a Hawaiian beach in the United States, one is the Gold Coast in Australia, the other is Hainan Clearwater Bay in China.

City: Lingshui
Exposure: Southeast
Address: Hainan Cycle Island east speed  Yingzhou Exit
Decoration: Hardcover
Sales Address: Ying Zhou Zhen Lingshui County Clearwater Avenue on the waterfront
Property age: 70 years
Plate: Lingshui
Volume rate: 0.40
Starting price: 10,000 yuan / square meters
Main units: 2 bedrooms
Floor Availability: There are two - three floors villas, bungalows 8-10 floors
Greening rate: 35%
Property company: Agile Property Management Company
Property Fee: Garden House: 3.8 yuan / month / square meter; Apartments: 4.8 yuan / month / square meter; Villa: 5.8 yuan / month / square meter
Developer: Agile Hainan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Building type: single-family houses, semi-detached, townhouses, multi-layer, small high-rise, high-rise
Property Type: Property Hotel
Heating mode: Municipal
Building area: 10 million square meters
Area: 10,005,000 square meters

From Sanya Phoenix International Airport is only 45 minutes by car, 30 minutes drive to CBD, the completed Hainan east cycle urban light rail in 2011, is linking the ClearWater Bay to Sanya and Haikou, the time is shortened to less than 15 minutes and one hour. Convenient airplanes, highways, urban light rail, airbus, comprehensive transportation network are accessible inside and outside the island.

① Theme mall street, shopping boutiques and other first-class facilities, leisure beach resort country, full-scale courteous reception inside.
② paradise-like Li Miao style village, is the imprint in the Chinese Hainan tropical-style. Here, you will experience the unique and long cultural in minority.
③ or scuba diving, or sea sports, vision of Sea Experience exhibition, invites you to enjoy travel underwater world.
④ Noble Yacht Club is a large toy VIP club, the celebrities social place, leading the fashionable seaside resort.
⑤ Inside Hot Springs, enjoy the tropical, health, leisure holiday in a new country, to meet the needs of high-end holidaymakers to pursue high-level life.

Other: six five-star hotels, three international standard 18 golf courses, the International Yacht Club.

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