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Volcanic spa town of Pattaya

Investment, leisure

  • Property ID:
  • Room:
  • Housing prices: 350,000 - 540,000
  • Building area:66662.5
  • Area:117632.64
  • (about 35ten thousand - 54ten thousand)
Pattaya is located in the position of the world's longevity town by the United Nations certified ------ Haikou South Garden ---the center of YongFa town. Where the land is rich in selenium, in which crops are grown in selenium-rich natural foods, for the significant role in the anti-aging / antioxidant, rich in selenium is one of the sources of this land in longevity. Of course, there is no industrial pollution of water, PM2.5 the single digit air, the air is also rich in very high density of negative ions (per cubic centimeter in from 2000 to 4500 negative ions, per cubic meter in 200 million or more) , a combination of factors are important to achieve longevity.

Property management: hire national qualification level of property management companies, Zhujiang Grenada company, providing a high standard of property management.
The most distinctive supporting is "two water", a hot spring water, a mineral water.
Project makes a very good hot spring, underground 1000 meters, 696 cubic meters of water yield every day, the water temperature is 40 degrees, on a wide variety of diseases with considerable effect, in particular on the health benefits. To make good use of this God-given gift, we built a 1280-square-meter swimming pool, 40 square meters of massage pool, six 11 square meters of small  soaking pool, there is a more than 100 square meters splash pool for children.
Community water veins and mineral water veins are the same one. We also specifically dig the cell up to 300 meters deep of a mineral water wells, it may be used later in the drinking water supply of the club, and even according to the owners needs, are filling bottled water and send to your door.

Building Type: houses, apartments
Developer: Hainan Li Sheng Industrial Investment Co.
License to sale: [2014] Cheng Fang Yu Zi 015 No.
Sales address: 181 Haixiu West Road, Taihang Pearl Hotel, Hannan Province.
Property Address: Haitun center line highway 27 kilometers exit, Yongfa town, Chengmai County. 
The first phase of construction land: 66,662.5 square meters
The first phase of  total construction area: 117,632.64 sqm
Households: The first phase 1446 houses
Parking spaces: total 3349, 1312 on the ground, 2037 underground
Volume rate: 1.69
Building density: 13.6%
Total greening rate: 49.3%

10 minutes to Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park; 10 minutes to Crater Park; 20 minutes to Haikou city; 20 minutes to Haikou Light Rail Station; 25 minutes to Hainan Provincial People's Hospital, Farm Hospital, 187 Hospital; 30 minutes to Haikou Meilan Airport

Floor Plan
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