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Ancient courtyard

Ancient courtyard

  • Property ID:H20130911165158
  • Room:
  • Housing prices: 3,960,000 - 6,450,000
  • Building area:22,011 square meters
  • Area:27,460 square meters
  • (about 396ten thousand - 645ten thousand)

Project planning is a total land of 33 acres, a total construction area of 26,000 square meters, only 60 rare and "Three Square, screen wall," Bai-style three courtyard houses, which combines the people, nature, delicate, beautiful, simple and elegant,  a modern residential function is the perfect fusion of traditional Bai style, set thousands of lovers in one essence of art.

All houses use residential of Bai appearance, every house has sky, floor, a garden, garage and patio. The use of modern living and the function are perfect combination. The Bai traditional houses, are well-organized, fresh and elegant.

The entire project is divided into six kinds of units, the salable area is about 300 -475㎡, the average area of about 200 square meters / 0.3 acres. Each courtyard are designed with underground garage, using the perfect three-dimensional people and vehicles underpass philosophy (the average gift 58-80㎡ garage area), parking the vehicle into the underground area, is nice to ensure noparking on the entire surface of the road for high-end leisure environment.

District County: Dali City
Respective district: Ancient Town
Land Area: 22,011 square meters
Open tray: October 2012
Occupancy: December 2013
Building Area: 27,460 square meters
Property age: 70 years
Construction categories: low-level townhouses, terraced houses, semi-detached villas, single-family ...

The total number of households: 60 

Decoration: Blank, Simple decoration

Property fee: 2 yuan / square meter/ month
Greening rate: 36%
Volume ratio: 1.028
Developer: Dali Ya Yuan He Tai House Industry Co., Ltd. Property Company
Sales Address: Dali Xuefu Road project He Ju No. 75
Courtyard is located in the historic district of the ancient city of Dali City, 214 State Road, west to Cang mountain, east on Er sea, south to Xuefu Road, the project is surrounded by high-end primary and secondary schools, colleges, high-end residential area, banks, farms, hospitals, public transport and other facilities, only 1 km from the city center around the unique geographical location, is a prime location, in the implementation of the ancient city protection regulations and Er Lake protection Ordinance, the value of the land has suddenly soared, becoming the unique plate around the ancient city.

Indoor map:

Transportation projects around the ancient courtyard is convenient, Chinese four gold tourist routes, the world-famous tourist destination, one of China's first batch of 24 historical and cultural cities, western central city, the necessary land go through Dian western eight states. it is proudly located in the water and mountain in Dali City, but also the hub of Dali and the Metro area.

The courtyard is located in the ancient city of Dali , 214 State Road, 200 meters from the Dali, No.4 bus; Dali City and Cang Mountain National Geological Park is just two minutes, drive to the Dali Attractions - Dragon movie, Cohesion CangMountain cableway , Three Pagodas, Dali Cang Hai Golf just 3 minutes, drive to the Dali and Dali College, Dali financial College only a 1-minute way.

Bus: guhuai Park, literature Building North, the old association, literature Building, literature BuildingSouth

School: Rainbow Flower Kindergarten, Dali City Yunyan Art Kindergarten, the ancient city of kindergarten, Dali City Dali Kindergarten.
Shopping: Yang Kee carved plum, KOZMiK, glasses supermarket, Fu Yi supermarkets, LanYi supermarkets, Jia Yu supermarket
Life: Dali City Rural Cooperative Bank (South Gate sub ... Yunnan Dali rural cooperative banks (complex ..., Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Dali Branch), Bank of China (Renmin Road Branch)
Entertainment: Dali University campus theater, Dali cinema, a Tower Park, South Gate of Yu Er Park, North Gate of Yu Er Park, CangMountain geology Forest Park (North Gate)

Floor Plan
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