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Integrated Tourism Resort Property

  • Property ID:
  • Room:
  • Housing prices: 0 - 0
  • Building area:250,000 square meters
  • Area:1030 m2
  • (about 0ten thousand - 0ten thousand)
Product Features:
       Li Jiang Tianrui project plans all series of vacation homes: the only holding property of St. Regis in Greater China region - Lijiang St.Regis villa, St. Regis Hotel, Zijinshan private clubs, Swiss homes villas Reith courtyard, zuiun stacked villas and 瑞致公 apartment, 68-750㎡, covering almost all vacation and investment demand of middle and high-end customers.

Design Features:
Give full consideration to the distribution and landscape architecture, allowing more room could face the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Snow Mountain and Lijiang enjoy private sun. Combining the Naxi architectural style and layout style, back to nature, so the owners can personally experience the freedom of Lijiang, self-life.

Jinlin home life dedicated to Chinese service providers and high-end resort practitioner, for the owners to create a portrait "extraordinary holiday Under the Snow": customized trip, landing reception, housing care, daily life, travel trips, social business ......LIJIANG TIANRUI "Extraordinary vacation" will be more diversified vacation customization services, so you and your family at any time, at different latitudes close to the touch Lijiang.

Project Name: Tianrui
Administrative Area: Old Town
Item Location: Jinrui Road on the 3rd District Lijiang Old Town
Item category: vacation integrated property
Developer: Li Jiang Jinlin Property Investment Co.
Property Company: China Merchants Property (Hong Kong)
Property Features: The only outside Greater St. Regis property sale
Greening rate: 50%
Volume rate: 0.65
Opening hours: November 2013
Building Area: 250,000 square meters
Area: 1030 square meters
Building materials and decoration: fine decoration, warm; Ruizhi Gong Yu Bag Check
Building Type: Single Family, Diepin, courtyard, apartment
Apartment: four / five
Courtyard: Kuni, eight together, ten together, twelve co
Diepin: 1 stacked two layers, three layers stacked 2
Parking spaces: about 1500 parking spaces

Project is located in China's only "three left the city" - Lijiang, the overall size of approximately 1,000 acres adjacent to Xiangshan, facing the most beautiful Yulong Snow Mountain, 360 acres of water protection monopolize resources at the national level - the stream lake arms. Project occupies a prime location in Lijiang.
Nearby Lijiang cluster of high-end hotel, gathered a number of resort living resources, whether to Dayan Ancient Town, Shuhe Ancient Town and other tourist attractions in Lijiang city or living area can arrive within 10 minutes. The famous Black Dragon Pool Park, "Wood House Holiday Home" - Wufeng building, 5 minutes walking distance.
Around: The St. Regis Lijiang, Zijin fan clubs, more than 5,000 square meters health club theme, style commercial street of 7,500 square meters, 600 square meters health management center, a conference center, a convenience store, bilingual kindergartens and child care centers, Sinology classes supporting functions. In addition, 300 acres Cheonggye Lake Wetland Park is located in the center of the project, the water comes from the Yulong Snow Mountain snow millennium.
Floor Plan
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